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Fryingpan River Report

June 29, 2015

FLOW: 344 cfs and dropping - Ruedi Reservoir is full, it's gonna be an awesome summer!

WATER CLARITY: Very minor discoloration with plenty of water viz.

OVERALL RATING: 6.5 out of 10 and getting better daily!

THE SHORT AND SWEET: Flows are dropping steadily now that the reservoir is full and inflow is ticking down. Hatches were interrupted with the high water last week but are starting to shape back up!

FOOD SOURCES PRESENT: Mysis Shrimp, BWOs, Midges, PMDs, Caddis

IN DEPTH REVIEW: Despite the water being slightly high, the fishing in general has improved bigtime. For that matter, the larger flows of last week produced some dam good mysis fishing. As things start to settle down, look for improving hatches of PMDs and caddis, with a few BWOs still on the scene. Green drakes won't be evident until late July or early August, but the nymphs are prolific. Your best chance to see some rising fish is between 11am and 4pm, with another lesser round happening towards dusk with some rusty spinners, caddis and midges present. The mysis shrimp "hatch" is still fairly significant below the dam for you big fish guys.


DRIES: TC Fryingpan Emerger 20-22, Collett's Para BWO 20-22, Befus BWO Emerger 20-22, P&E Caddis 16-18, Stimi's 12-16, Yellow Humpy 14-18, Melon Quill 16-18, Sparkledun Pink PMD 16-18

NYMPHS: TC Epoxy Mysis 16-18, TC Tim's Mysis 16-18, Magma Mysis 16, Prince 16-20, PTs 16-20, BLMs 18-20, STDs 18-20, CJs Red 16-18, Electric Caddis Olive 14-16, Twenty Incher 14

STREAMERS: TC Autumn Splendors, TC Stingin' Sculpins, Slumpies, Peanuts, TC Foxee's, TC Trout Slider

HINTS: Fish and cover the soft water! It's less fly oriented and more water type oriented right now.


WATER CONDITIONS: Slightly stained, but pretty darn clear for the current flows

Worms, Stoneflies, Caddis, PMDs, Drake nymphs

OVERALL RATING: 7 out of 10 due to lesser crowds and equally good fishing.

THE SHORT AND SWEET: We're getting pretty excited about the improving water conditions. The river is still on the high side, but has dropped pretty significantly over the past few days. Nymphing has been best, as the dry fly fishing and the hatches are still on the upswing. PMDs, caddis and stoneflies are also in higher abundance along the middle river versus the first mile or two below the dam right now.

IN DEPTH REVIEW: As we exit runoff season and gear up for summer, look to the middle section for reprieve from other anglers, and on those breezy days, there are plenty of places here away from the dam to tuck out of the wind. Hatches are primarily happening midday, with some spinners and caddis towards early evening as well. Don't overlook the streamer fishing, it's an exciting way to fish this small river!


DRIES: Same as the upper river

NYMPHS: Same as the upper river less mysis shrimp

STREAMERS: Same as upper river

HINTS: Easier fishing/wading can be had along the upper river.



FOOD SOURCES PRESENT: Stoneflies, Worms, Caddis, Green Drake nymphs

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 10. Head on further up the river for the best conditions unless you're willing to rock hop and work for those fish.

THE SHORT AND SWEET: Because of the slightly higher flows, this section, especially the canyon above Basalt can be pretty tough. The flipside to this is the water below Seven Castles, with is some of the slowest and slickest water on the whole river.

IN DEPTH REVIEW: Locals love the lower river, due to lack of other fishermen more than anything else. This isn't park and fish water for the most part, you have to billy goat your way around and there aren't many or any trails either. The juice is certainly worth the squeeze, though. Hatches begin on the lower river and gradually work their way on up towards the dam. Thusly, in addition to BWOs and midges, PMDs and caddis are of more importance down here than anywhere else along the river.


DRIES: Same as above

NYMPHS: Same as above

STREAMERS: Same as above

HINTS: The better fishing is certainly up higher on the Pan.


Link to the USGS Real Time Flow Chart for the Frying Pan River


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