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Ollie Fields fly fishing Ollie Fields claims to have been fly fishing for as long as he can remember. Those of us who know him well believe he's been at it considerably longer than that. He started fishing and hunting in The Roaring Fork Valley with his dad in 1955. After saying farewell to the IBM corporate world he moved here 28 years ago and has been guiding and introducing others others to the sport he loves. Ollie has been a guide at Taylor Creek for the past fifteen years. During recent sojourns out of the valley he has fished for Atlantic Salmon in Russia, bonefish in Belize, and is of the belief that he may also have been in Alaska for steelhead, the Baja for billfish, Costa Rica and Panama for tarpon, and on Midway Island for a whole bunch of huge things that swim. His specialty is easy-going instruction and he is known for his ready smile and infectious sense of humor. On those days that he remembers to don his waders he is truly a guiding force to be reckoned with

Tim Heng fly fishing Tim Heng, or "Curly" as he is affectionately known by his fellow guides, has been a fixture in Colorado fly fishing for the past 25 years. Since founding Roaring Fork Anglers in Glenwood Springs he has enjoyed a well-earned reputation as the valley's premier boat jockey and authority on the lower Roaring Fork and Colorado. Tim became manager of Taylor Creek 15 years ago and his wealth of experience made him a valuable addition to the staff. His in-store responsibilities now limit his guide days to special requests but if you are lucky enough to spend a day floating one of our rivers with him you will surely end your day with the realization that you have been going downstream a good portion of the time. When not on one of the area rivers or in the tropics casting at bonefish, Tim can be found rearranging large chunks of sod on local golf courses.

John High fly fishing It is with deep regrets and heavy hearts that we announce that John High lost his very valiant battle with Cancer on May 11th of 2001. He has been a fixture at Taylor Creek for over 17 years and has guided in the Roaring Fork Valley for over 20 years. His infectious attitude on life and his extreme love of the outdoors was evident to anyone lucky enough to have known him. One of the most common things that John said and truly believed was, " I may not make a lot of money guiding, but just take a look at my office." John's absence has already been felt ( and will always be felt) here in the shop and by those he has guided and befriended over many years.

Cam Cameron Scott Born in Denver, CO, Cameron Scott grew up in Colorado and Washington State and b-lined it back to Colorado after getting an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. His writing has appeared in various literary journals and magazines including The Drake and The Fly Fish Journal. He also writes a monthly outdoor column for The Sopris Sun. If you have leftovers, he will eat them.

Glenn Smith fly fishing Glenn Smith, a native of Colorado, has been a Taylor Creek guide since early 1993. He specializes in flyfishing instruction and truly enjoys introducing the sport to the beginner, taking the mystery out and replacing it with common sense and good fun. One of the Taylor Creek "renaissance men", Glenn is an accomplished chef and has cultivated an eclectic clientele base ranging from artists to lawyers, brain surgeons to museum curators, ballerinas to hookers. He is especially good with kids. Known for a pleasantly warped sense of humor, Glenn is another unique addition to the Taylor Creek cast of characters.

Kyle Holt fishing Kyle Holt, whose favorite saying is, "Fish Hard and Die Rich!", is also one of two Mid-Westerners on staff. Having been reared in Springfield, Illinois, Kyle became heavily involved in fishing, hunting, and trapping the "flatlands" surrounding his home. As fortune would have it Kyle's family decided to take regular vacations to Rocky Mountain National Park where he hooked his first Browns, Rainbows, and Brookies - subsequently becoming hooked himself. In 1983 Kyle packed up all of his worldly possessions (which he relates were few) and moved from the cornfields to the Rockies in pursuit of any trout that would take a fly. Mr. Holt has been fishing in the Valley for fifteen years, and is now considered a sub-god by many of his clientele because of his skill and knowledge of the area waters. On a less positive note, however, depending on your perspective, Kyle is also a non-recovering addict. A few years back, after taking a trip to the Bahamas with a group of apparently seedy people, Kyle returned to Colorado in a sorry state. He was tired, dehydrated, and constantly complaining of re-occuring flashbacks. Everyone instinctively knew what had happened. The Bahamas, and the hedonistic lifestyle that he maintained while there had forever destroyed him. It had, as stated earlier, caused him to become an addict. . .to saltwater fly-fishing that is. If you can't find Kyle guiding and fishing in the Valley, or at home with his dog Milo, then the best bet is to look south. He's probably after another fix.

Brandon Brandon Soucie is everybody's favorite hometown hero as he is the only fly fishing guide in Basalt that is actually from Basalt. Brandon began coming into Taylor Creek Fly Shop as a fish-obsessed youngster, often picking on our "pet" fish behind the shop. Working in the fly shop since the age of 16, and guiding by age 18, no one knows the waters of our valley better than B. "Boy-Wonder" enjoys tying innovative fly patterns, hunting elk with his old man and 4wheelin' like a crazed redneck when not guiding and fishing. Brandon is a tremendous teacher who has an impressive and diverse client list, so make sure that you book him well in advance.

Gifford Maytham fly fishing Gifford Maytham began his career in the flyfishing industry with " The Big O" back in Manchester, Vermont in 1989. It has taken 16 years but I think we finally have coaxed most of the easterner out of him. Giff does floats on the Fork and Colorado as well as being one of the shop's resident experts on fishing the high country above Ruedi Reservoir. In a past life he guided for Frying Pan River Ranch and for Elk Creek Lodge up near Meeker. Most recently you may catch Giff on the OLN (Outdoor Life Network) Fly Fishing Masters 2004 Compitition, as he and his partner Frank Smithurst competed in and Won! As is the case with many of the Taylor Creek guides Giff makes the time each year to head for the salt and fish the

Chris Kish fly fishing Chris Kish My parents moved us to Boulder, CO from New Hampshire when my dad decided the Roaring Fork valley's trout were too hard to resist.  I skipped school a lot to go bass fishing, definitely my long lost pipe dream of really becoming a "professional angler".  I tied flies commercially under the great Charlie Craven, who along with my father taught me a great deal about what a good fly should look like.  I still remember sitting there at Front Range Anglers trying desperately to reduce those hares ears I over tied with a piece of Velcro Charlie gave me. As if I hadn't had enough inhalation of hares mask already. My mom finally bailed me out with a check to buy back the flies from the shop.  So I turned eighteen and my dad said I should try guiding for a summer.  I went to work for Roy Palm those first couple seasons.  I finished graduate work in Denver to become a full time fishing guide that should be a psychotherapist some day.  This is my twentieth year guiding the Frying Pan, Roaring Fork, and Colorado Rivers with Taylor Creek Fly Shop in Basalt. I look forward to every day on the water, the companionship of a big fishing community, the challenge of angler vs. fish, and continue to learn from what the river tells me about life and fishing.

Adam Sahnow fly fishing Adam Sahnow comes to the Roaring Fork Valley via Montana State University where, in spite of the fact that hunting and fishing seemed to consume much more of his time than school, was able to graduate in four long years with a degree in
biology. While at Montana State he cut his guiding teeth on rivers such as the Clarks Fork and the St. Joe in Idaho. It was at this time that he also began to tie flies commercially and came to realize that a real job was not in his immediate future, hence becoming a guide for the Taylor Creek Fly Shop. Whether he is floating his beloved Clackacraft down the Roaring Fork River throwing size 10 Prince nymphs or stalking super selective fish on the Frying Pan with a size 24 Pheasant Tail, his admitted "nymphomaniac" attitude shows through. Pictured here with his bearer and mentor, Adam challenges anyone to put on a better show from the back of his Blue Canoe than his "dear ol" mommy.

Will Sands fly fishing One of several "East Coasters" on staff, Will Sands was born in N.J. and began fly fishing early in his childhood around the age of 8 years. Initially following mom and dad up and down many a trout stream, fly fishing became an addiction and he was tying flies and building rods by age eleven. Spending his early years on Catskill (NY) rivers and throughout much of New
England, as well as pursuing favorites of the Atlantic like Stripers, Blues and False Albies, it never occurred to him that it could and would become a "real job". Blaming the fact that he switched majors 3X while attending the University of Maine, Will graduated after five years with a degree in Forest Recreation Management. Others argue it was more attributed to too many days in duck blinds or chasing wild Brookies and Landlock Salmon throughout northern Maine. After a brief pursuit of college ideals working as a Backcountry Ranger for the U.S. Forest Service, he found his way out west. Had he known there were no closed fishing seasons, he would have made the journey sooner. Funny how he wound up working in a fishing shop in Denver. Quickly realizing he left "Jersey" to escape the fast lanes of cities, Will soon discovered the treasures hidden in the rivers of the Roaring Fork Valley. When he's not hunting the Jewels of the Roaring Fork, Frying Pan and Colorado rivers, you'll find him behind the counter offering up advice on "what are they biting on?". Manager\Guide, he also instructs Fly Tying classes throughout the winter months and will often be heard telling people "why ski when you can fish year round". When not in the shop or on the water "the longhair" might be looking out over a spread of decoys or standing in a sand trap thinking of beaches and saltwater.

Jeremy Stott fishing Born in Lewis Town, Montana Jeremy Stott moved to Glenwood Springs, CO. at age eleven. Right away corruption came early in Jeremy's youth as he enrolled in one of Tim Heng's fly tying classes that same year. Taylor Creek's wild child learned to fly fish on local creeks as well as the Colorado and Roaring Fork rivers and his passion and skills developed
quickly. Honing his fishing, tying and rowing skills through his youth prompted his future calling. Immediately after high school graduation at the age of 18, his career as a fly fishing guide began. Then, after only two seasons guiding in the Roaring Fork Valley he realized that this was not to be a seasonal or short time endeavor. Since this time Jeremy has made this dream a reality as he guides year round. When he's not floating his beloved Colorado or fooling the selective trout of the Frying Pan with his "trick patterns", you can find him guiding in the San Martin Region of Argentina on famed waters such as the Malleo and Chimehuin. His energy and exceptional skills always make for a memorable experience on the water, wherever you may be fortunate enough to fish with him. For the past five years Jeremy has been living the never ending summer dream by jumping back and forth between the Roaring Fork Valley and Argentina to avoid winter. Always on the move, this nomadic occupation allows him a month or so in between his sojourns between the valley and southern waters. During this time you can expect that he will be hunting Elk, chasing freshwater Dorado in Northern Argentina or getting a salty fix. From Tarpon in the Florida Keys, Bonefish of the Bahamas or Sail fishing off the coast of Mexico, you never know where you might cross paths with this accomplished traveler and fisherman.

Craig Langlinais fly fishing A welcomed addition to the Taylor Creek Staff Craig Langlinais brings a wealth of expertise with him. Born in Lafayette, Louisiana Craig grew up fishing for Bass, Crappie, Seatrout and Redfish. A graduate of the University of Southern Louisiana, this Ragin' Cajun left the warm southern waters for Rocky Mountain trout streams in 1988. After a couple of years adapting to the altitude, snow and ways of the valleys' trout, Craig began guiding. With over ten years of guiding experience, Craig has become one of most knowledgeable and diverse guides in the Roaring Fork Valley. From our intimate high country streams, to the technical Frying Pan or rowing a drift boat down the mighty Colorado, Craig brings it all together. If you are able to make out what Craig is saying through that Cajun Accent during your day on the water with him, there is a whole lot to learn. When you can not find him somewhere on the trout streams here in the valley, you can bet he's warming up down at lake Powell chasing Stripers, Bass and Crappie.


Mike Chmura fly fishing Taylor Logsdon grew up in Western Colorado and the Roaring Fork Valley where he learned to fly fish on the fabled waters of the Roaring Fork and Gunnison rivers.  The fly shop is in fact named him, though he has been denying this for years.  Despite the royalty check that he receives from sharing his name, Taylor remains a wonderful addition to our guide staff.  In all seriousness, Taylor began his guide career here in 2002 and is the prominent host of the daily morning “bumper show” before work.  He is most often found behind the oars in his drift boat but occasionally dons his water pants when he’s forced to.  If you’re fortunate enough to spend a day with Taylor, one thing is for sure; he’ll have you laughing and catching fish from boat ramp to boat ramp.  When not watching Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore, you’ll usually find him guiding elk hunts and throwing sticks at grouse or gobblin' for turkeys.


Some are just destined to become fishing guides; Lincoln Neiley is no exception. While growing up in a fishing family, it can be hard to make a name for yourself, especially when you’re the baby brother of an ex-Taylor Creek guide (Ry), but Lincoln has become a true standout.  Like many of our guides, Lincoln originally started working in the fly shop as a teenager and then began guiding when finally of age.  Be on the lookout; you never know where you might find Linc – skiing, sailing, on the hockey rink, out on the river or lost somewhere in the Florida Keys.  For over a decade now, Lincoln has been guiding anglers in his Mack boat on the Colorado and Roaring Fork rivers.    

Mike Thomas fly fishing It is believed that river water probably flows through the veins of Mike Thomas, as there are few who spend as much time in, on and around water. Since his earliest childhood memories, Mike grew up chasing any and all finned critters found in the farm ponds around Wichita, KS. As his skills developed, he naturally progressed and discovered fly fishing and it was not long before he also discovered trout fishing. Moving to Colorado in his early twenties, Mike was blessed with many choice fisheries and year round fishing! A brief move to Maine allowed him to sample some exceptional "Down East" fishing for Brookies and Landlocked Salmon, but the lack of year round fishing soon led him back to the Rockies. Guiding front range rivers like the technical South Platte, Williams Fork and South Park areas, he honed his skills before making the move to the Roaring Fork Valley. Between fishing and guiding Mike logged over 300 days on the water his first season! Living on the Colorado in New Castle, he needs only open the back door to wet a line.


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