Colorado River Report 8-28-22

Posted on 28 August 2022

Colorado River Report 8-28-22

FLOW: 2190 cfs

WATER CLARITY: Off-color more often than not

OVERALL RATING: 6 out of 10 when it's green

FOOD SOURCES PRESENT: Caddis 10-18, Yellow Sallies 16, Golden Stones 4-12, Pale Morning Duns 14-18, Rusty Spinners 14-16, Sculpins

THE LOWDOWN: All voluntary closures have been lifted, and the fish thank you for giving them a break during the dog-days of summer.

The Colorado has been brown most of the summer anyway, but we'll hopefully see some green instead of brown after some chilly nights.

Since none of us have fished the "Big River" all summer, we don't have much to report, but one would expect to see the usual bug suspects listed above. The river will look dirtiest in the mornings and cleanest in the afternoons.

APPROPRIATE PATTERNS:                                                                    DRIES: Amy's Ant 6-8, Outrigger Yellow Sallie 16, Pearl and Elk Caddis 12-18, Rogue Golden Stone 6-8, H and L Variant 12-16, Olive Stimulator 12-16, Quigley's Sparkle Flag PMD 16

NYMPHS: Spanflex Golden Stone 6-8, Turquoise Purdigon 16, Copper John 14-16, Tungsten Prince Nymph 12-16, Tungsten Split Case PMD 16, Tungsten PMD Redemption 16, Jerome PMD 16

STREAMERS: Double Dirty Hippy 4, Dali Lama 4, Autumn Splendor 4-8, Carlton Banks 4, Stott's Ziwi 4, Stott's Conehead Ziwi 4

HINTS: We may need to patient with the Colorado, the visibility has been next to nothing as of late.


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