Colorado River Report 7-4-18

Posted on 04 July 2018

COLORADO RIVER REPORT (Glenwood Springs west to Rifle)

July 7, 2018

FLOW: 1920 cfs in Glenwood Springs

WATER CONDITIONS:  Low and clear

OVERALL RATING:  6 out of 10 

FOOD SOURCES PRESENT: Caddis adults, PMD adults, emergers, spinners and nymphs, green drake nymphs, golden stonefly nymphs, caddis larva (free swimming and cased), cranefly larva, sculpins


Most of you have heard by now about the fire in and around Basalt.  The fires are not near the rivers and they are running clear.  Fryingpan Road is open.

Every outfitter in the Roaring Fork Valley has agreed, with input from the Roaring Fork Conservancy and Colorado Parks and Wildlife, to cease fishing below Carbondale down to Rifle after 2pm due to warm water conditions.  We ask that you refrain from fish pictures as well, and fish only two fly rigs.  Let's leave the streamers in their boxes for a while, too. 

Get yourself a thermometer and keep an eye on those temps, 68 degrees and warmer is considered the danger zone to trout.  Kindly inform those you might encounter out there what is happening, they will likely be glad you told them!

Nymph fishing in the morning has been darn good. Stones, caddis, sallies, and PMDs have been popping regularly. Skating caddis adults has been putting lots of fish into the net!

Floating is optimal versus wade fishing once conditions improve, but you can find terrific wade spots at No Name, Dino Truck Stop and Newcastle.  

HATCHES: Golden Stones 6-10, Caddis 12-18, PMDs 14-18, BWOs 18-20, Yellow Sallies 14-16, Midges 18-24 

Appropriate Patterns  

NYMPHS: Prince 10-18, BLMs 18-20, Epoxy Back Stone 6-8, Cat Poop Stone 8-10, San Juan Worm 10, Halfback PMD 18-16, Pandemic PMD 18-16, Tung Bead Baetis 18-20, Biot Baetis 18-20, RS2s 20, Polywing Emerger 18-20, Imposters 20-22, Assassins 20-22, Freestone Emerger 20, Biot Midge 20-22

DRIES:  Split Flag PMD 16-18, Sparkledun PMD 14-18, Melon Quill PMD 16-18, Organza Rusty Spinner 14-18, Befus Para BWO 20-22, Perfect Baetis 18-22, Pearl and Elk Caddis 12-18, EthaWing Caddis 14-16, X2 Caddis 14-18, Biot Wing Midge 20, Hatching Midge 20, CDC Transitional Midge 20, Hi Vis Griffith's Gnat 18-20

HINTS: Look closely at the foam lines floating down the river.  The fish will follow them backwards while they eat and then swim back up the run to repeat!

Link to the USGS Real Time Flow Chart for the Colorado River 

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