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Colorado Fly Fishing at its finest

Experience the best fly fishing Colorado has to offer with Western Colorado's oldest and most experienced Colorado guide service. The Roaring Fork Valley contains 40+ continuous miles of "Gold Medal Water". From small and intimate high-country streams filled with brookies or cutthroats to the huge brawling runs of the lower Colorado, you can have the fishing experience of a lifetime. Our guides make their selection of water based on angler preference, level of experience, water conditions, and current hatches. 

To make any and all reservations, please give us a call.

Wade Trips

1-2 Anglers Half-Day: $525
3 Anglers Half-Day: $625
1-2 Anglers Full-Day: $625
3 Anglers Full-Day: $795
Wade trips are taken on all local waters.

Float Trips

1 or 2 Anglers Half Float - $575

1 or 2 Anglers Full-Day - $775
Float trips utilizing McKenzie River dories are done on the lower Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers.
*3/4 Floats are rare, and strictly at the discretion of the guide.


What is included in the guided trip price?

All guided trip prices include all supplies and equipment (waders, boots, rods) except licenses, gratuities and flies. Lunches are included on full-day trips. More complete information, including lodging and transportation options are available upon request.

How do I book my guided fishing trip?

To make any and all reservations, please give us a call - 970-927-4374

What's the difference between a wade trip and a float trip?

Determining which trip is right for you will truly enhance your overall fly fishing experience. We always welcome complete beginners and can also show the most seasoned angler a new trick or two. The decision between wade fishing and float fishing sometimes revolves around the time of the year as well as an angler’s ability level at certain times.

During a wade trip you will be outfitted with waders and your day of fishing will be comprised of traveling to and from different rivers or different stretches of the river. Wade fishing requires getting in and out of the water to fish. Sometimes referred to as a walk\wade trip, you will be standing in the river while you fish. Float trips are entirely different as you will be in and fish from a McKenzie Drift boat (western river Dory). These boats on our rivers are constructed of Fiberglass or Aluminum, are 16ft. long and accompany two anglers and their guide. While fishing, the boat is moving down river as your guide rows the boat and provides instruction "on the go". We say "on the go" because we fish while the boat is moving. In other areas of the country floating is a means of transportation from one spot to another, with little or no fishing during the float. The boat simply transports you from spot to spot allowing you to wade. This is not the case here as our waters are best fished as we move along down river and very little if any wading occurs during our floats.
Wade fishing is the best choice in most instances for first time anglers. During a wade trip you are standing in or along the river while your guide is standing next to you. The instruction and learning process is usually less intimidating and more easily grasped while wading. Wade fishing allows for a more one on one, personalized trip as you and your guide can focus on what is immediately in front of you. The instruction is somewhat more hands on as your guide can coach you through and demonstrate techniques while alongside one another. This differs from a float trip in the fact that the guide is rowing the boat and the boat is moving along as you fish. Often times when you are interested in several days of guided fishing we suggest wade fishing the first day and floating the following day. This allows you build a good foundation with a day of wade fishing. You can then continue to develop your skills and see the river from a whole different perspective on a float. However, we do have first time fly fishers regularly join us on float trips throughout the year.
Floating is somewhat faster paced than walk-wade trips and we usually do not recommend floats for beginners immediately after spring runoff when our rivers clear and become floatable. At this time of the year the pace of our float trips is quite quick, as water levels are fishable but still swift. This time is better suited for more experienced anglers looking to improve their skills and those looking for a heightened challenge. However, when river levels taper off, we welcome anglers of all ability levels to join us. During a float trip your guide provides instruction throughout the trip both while the boat is at rest and as well as while on the go. While float fishing you are actively fishing as the boat is moving downstream. When you are fishing, the guide will coach you as he or she back rows the dory establishing the proper pace at which to fish while proceeding down river. Since your guide will be instructing you while rowing the instruction is more verbal. The quicker pace also means you have to get your flies to your intended target before the target passes you by. This is the excitement and fun of floating. You are moving along, the scenery is changing and the opportunities never cease. Float fishing is also an excellent means to get out and fish for individuals who might not be able to wade. Often times a bad back, broken leg or disability might prevent an individual from being able to wade fish as getting up and down or in and out of river poses too great a challenge. However, once we get you in the boat you can sit down, relax and fish! Also, it is a great way for a non-angler to join their companion, hang out in the boat, take pictures or just relax and enjoy the scenery.  
Whether you choose to take advantage of the wade fishing or floating, we are sure you will be back a second time. The combination of being on the water, taking in the scenery and enjoying the world class fishing of the Roaring Fork Valley is hard to beat. We guide 365 days a year as we have exceptional fishing year round. Regardless if you have never fished or left your equipment at home because you came to ski, the Taylor Creek guides are awaiting your call.  
When can I take a fishing trip?

Any day of the year. Yes, we guide 365 days a year as we have exceptional fishing year round. Yes, we fish during the winter.. it is no colder than skiing, in our opinion a lot more fun and like you and I, fish have to eat every day! Wade fishing is possible year round as the Frying Pan river is a tailwater. This means water temperatures are 40 degrees flowing from the dam whether it is July 4th or Christmas day. The Frying Pan is a wade only river, as it is too small to float. The river also runs "gin" clear year round when other rivers run high and muddy during spring runoff. Ah, spring runoff! Unfortunately, we do experience high and muddy water on the Roaring Fork, Crystal and Colorado rivers and this does prevent us from float fishing from about May 10th, give or take until June 10th-20th. The dates vary depending on how soon it gets warm to start winter snows melting and how much snow we had over the course of the winter as to how long runoff lasts! Outside of this brief period, we float the entire year. We'll do floats in December and January weather permitting.

Can kids go fly fishing?

Absolutely, we typically recommend that kids be eight to ten years or older. However, as the parent you know the maturity level and attention span of your child which can influence this guideline. This can help determine if you choose a half day over a full day. Most kids do great on half days where a full day might be a bit too long, then there are those children that cannot be dragged away from the river!

How can I get more information?

Please feel free to call (1-970-927-4374) or email us at 650taylorcreek@vailresorts.com with any questions and or concerns.

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