Crystal River Report June 16, 2024

Posted on 16 June 2024

Crystal River Report
June 16, 2024
FLOW: 2000 CFS in Carbondale 

WATER CONDITIONS: Clarity is poor with warming weather and subsequent run-off. Fortunately, though, flows are trending downwards meaning clarity should improve in the weeks to come. The higher you go (think Marble), the more clarity you should find.

OVERALL RATING: 2 out of 10 

FOOD SOURCES PRESENT:  Caddis, Golden Stoneflies, Salmonflies, Blue Winged Olives, Midges, Sculpins

THE LOW DOWN: This little gem of a river is currently blown out, and will continue to be until later in June. This river is ideal for those seeking a bit of solitude. In-stream work in Carbondale can make the lower mile a bit off-color.

No need to overthink the Crystal -- attractor patterns fished dry-dropper style are effective and deeper pits are best fished with your traditional nymph rig.

The higher you go, the more cutthroat and brook trout you will encounter, and fewer people.

HATCHES: Caddis 14-18, Salmonflies 4-8, Golden Stoneflies 4-8, Blue Winged Olives 20-22, Midges 18-26

NYMPHS: Tungsten Twenty-Incher 10-16, Cat Poop Stone 4-10, Tungsten PMD Redemption 16-18, San Juan Worm, Copper John Chartreuse16-20, Jigged CDC Pheasant Tail 18, Tungsten Split Case PMD Nymph 16-18, Tung Pheasant Tail 16-20, FKA Prince Nymph 14-18, Jerome Baetis 18-20, JuJu Baetis 18-22, Neon Nightmare 20-22

DRIES: Stimulator 12-18, Pearl and Elk Caddis 14-18, Improved Sofa Pillow 4-8, Reed's Rogue Salmonfly 6-10, Henry's Fork Golden Stone 10-14, Harrop's CDC Thorax BWO 20-22, Collette's Quilled Para BWO 18-22, Griffith's Gnat 20-22, Parachute Adams 16-20, TC Sparkledun BWO 18-22, Putterbaugh Caddis Black 16-18 (Fished as a winter stone)

STREAMERS: Lightning Bugger Black 4, Beldar Lemon Drop 4-6, BH Simi Seal Leech 10, Sculpzilla 4-8

HINTS: Right about now fish will congregate in soft water, not in the middle of the river.


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