Crystal River Report - March 20, 2017

Posted on 23 March 2017

FLOW: 347 cfs in Carbondale

WATER CONDITIONS: Average winter flows. Some ice here and there, especially as you climb in elevation.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 10

FOOD SOURCES PRESENT: Winter Stones, Midges, Eggs

THE LOW DOWN : While others are preoccupied with the more famous rivers in the area, the Crystal goes unnoticed for some reason. Fine by us! By all means, go fish the Crystal! We have a sneaking suspicion that it very well might become your favorite Roaring Fork Valley river (just don't tell anyone else). This is the perfect river to fish pocket water, constantly moving from spot to spot. When rises are not being seen, dry/dropper rigs have been best. The fish here are generally not picky and can often be caught on generic attractor dries and nymphs (parachutes, princes, copper johns, pheasant tails). Streamer fishing is certainly best on the lower river, where fish move into the Crystal from the Roaring Fork in efforts to spawn.

HATCHES: Midges sz 20-22


NYMPHS: Copper John 18-20, Tung Pheasant Tail 18-20, Egg 14-18

DRIES: Flag Adams 18-22, Hi Vis Griffiths Gnat 18, Skittering Zelon Midge 20

HINTS: Fish the deepest pools and seams and cover water. Afternoons and evenings have generally been best out there!

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