Pre-Trip Checklist

Fishing License STEP 1

Simply call 1-800-244-5613

Press 7 when you hear the words terms and conditions, choose fulfill by mail, then save your TAN (proof of purchase number) the operator provides you.




  • Guests 16 and older are required to purchase their fishing license ahead of time, the night BEFORE the trip
  • All fishing licenses require a valid US ID or passport, and social security number for first-time license buyers.
  • You can also download the “My CPW” Colorado Parks and Wildlife app, or visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website
If you are experiencing issues, please call CPW at 303-297-1192 (M-F, 8am – 5 pm MT) or Aspira at 1-800-244-5613 (24/7) for assistance.

Cash STEP 2

Guiding is a service industry, and cash gratuities are appreciated by our guides. Tips are typically 20%-25%, usually more on specific guide requests, and planning ahead to bring the right amount of cash will be appreciated by your guide (especially if you have a great time).

Must Have Items STEP 3

1) Get your license no later than the night before
2) Rain jacket (the fish are already wet and we go rain or shine)
3) Hat
4) Polarized sunglasses
5) Warm socks (if you are wade fishing, warm socks and layers from the waist down are important!)
6) Sunscreen

Transportation STEP 4

Vehicles are a must for a float trip!

We do not do pick-ups for wade trips, we require our guests to at least get themselves to and from Taylor Creek in Basalt. Many guests simply follow their guide on trips in their own vehicle. Uber, Lyft and local RFTA buses are available. 

Snacks STEP 5

If you are on a half day outing, bring a snack if you need. If you are on a full day outing, we will provide a meal. We provide beverages on all trips.

Smile STEP 6

Last but not least, bring a smile! We love what we do, be prepared to have a fun day on the water with our talented guide staff.

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